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Real time Crypto Alerting system

The world of cryptocurrencies is fast and unpredictable. To stay on top, you need a tool that keeps you informed about the most significant market movements.

That’s where the crypto alerts of come into play. We offer customizable alerts, sent directly to your email, your Telegram app, or via webhook for custom interactions with your exchange platform.

Let be your digital lookout in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Price Alert

Master your assets' evolution

Stay up-to-date with significant price changes with our price alerts.

Set them up to be notified of an upward or downward crossover, for a single or recurring alert based on a preset timeframe. Add a comment to remind you of the strategy to adopt when you receive the alert.

These price alerts are essential for seizing buying or selling opportunities, and avoiding potential losses due to a sharp drop in prices.

RSI Alert

A key indicator at your fingertips

Optimize your trading strategy with our RSI alerts.

They signal an upward or downward crossover of the RSI, a valuable indicator to determine the conditions of overbuying or overselling of a cryptocurrency.

Like the price alert, set them up for single or recurring use and add a strategic comment.

The RSI alerts help traders avoid poor buying or selling timings by signaling the best times to enter or exit the market.

Volume Alert

Monitor significant movements

Imagine being able to detect significant increases in exchange volume before they lead to a large price fluctuation.

Our volume alert does exactly that. By setting a multiplier factor, you will be alerted when the exchange volume exceeds this value compared to the previous candlestick.

Whether to anticipate a possible price increase due to an increase in demand or to detect a potential price drop following a massive sale, volume alerts are a valuable tool in any crypto trader’s toolbox.

Price Explosion Alert

Anticipate abrupt market changes

With our price explosion alerts, sudden price changes will no longer surprise you.

Set up a percentage change with the previous candlestick, and you will be alerted when a cryptocurrency experiences a sharp rise or drop in its price.

Whether you’re a day-trader looking to profit from rapid price variations or a long-term investor wanting to protect their positions, these alerts are indispensable.

RSI Explosion Alert

Stay alert to significant RSI variations

Sudden changes in the RSI can often indicate a trend reversal.

With our RSI explosion alerts, you will be informed of these abrupt movements.
Set up a number of point changes with the previous candlestick, and you’ll receive an alert as soon as a cryptocurrency’s RSI increases or decreases rapidly.

These alerts allow you to react quickly to these trend reversals, seizing buying or selling opportunities before the market adjusts.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies, the market never sleeps. In this dynamic world, being informed in time is a crucial competitive advantage.’s customizable crypto alerts are designed to give you this advantage. Whether it’s to monitor price fluctuations, volume movements, RSI trend reversals, or any other significant event, our alerts keep you informed and ready to act.

From the casual investor to the professional trader, offers the most reliable and customizable tool to stay a step ahead in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies.

Don’t let an opportunity pass you by. Start using our crypto alerts today and join the crypto revolution with confidence and peace of mind.

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