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Easily spot
the best markets

Track the trending crypto markets with the highest trading volumes

Custom crypto alerts

Stay notified anywhere with your customizable alerts by price, RSI, volume, price explosion, and RSI explosion

Quickly analyze scanned markets

One click on one of the best scanned markets and you analyze your next winning trade

Quickly analyze scanned markets

One click on one of the best scanned markets and you analyze your next winning trade

Unique volumetric analysis

Immediately spot volume gaps between purchases and sales by period and reference currency

"All In One" view
of a crypto market

An all-in-one view, on 4 time scales, with all indicators to enter or exit a position at the best time

Cryptocurrency analysis and alert platform

The simplicity of an all-in-one tool!

Our alerts work,
you enjoy!

Receive real-time alerts on your computer, tablet, phone, or smartwatch.

Choose your favorite alert method and receive them instantly, wherever you are, or connect them to your application.
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Never miss an investment opportunity again with our personalized price alerts.

Set your own buying and selling thresholds and receive real-time notifications when your target cryptocurrencies reach these levels.

Take advantage of rapid market fluctuations with our price explosion alerts.

Set a percentage increase/decrease over a specific time interval and receive real-time notifications when your target cryptocurrencies meet your criteria.

Take advantage of every opportunity to make significant profits during sudden and unpredictable market movements.

Stay informed of the most significant market movements with our volume alerts.

Detect emerging trends and market reversals by following changes in trading volume and make informed investment decisions.

Optimize your trading strategies with our RSI alerts.

Receive notifications when relative strength indicators suggest an overbought or oversold asset, and leverage this information to make more accurate and profitable trading decisions.

Take advantage of key moments with our RSI explosion alerts.

Set your increase or decrease thresholds on a specific time interval and receive instant notifications for target cryptocurrencies experiencing strong variations.

Quickly identify overbought or oversold assets and optimize your decisions during sudden market changes.

Thousands of markets under the X-ray

Scan crypto markets in real time.

Get a clear view of thousands of cryptos with our scanners by instantly identifying the most promising market opportunities. Add them to your favorites and follow them at a glance.
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Save time and quickly identify market opportunities with our price scanner.

Track price percentage changes on different time scales and discover the best-performing cryptocurrencies to maximize your gains.

Stay informed about real-time market movements with our 24h sliding scanner.

Analyze price and volume percentage changes over a 24-hour sliding window for all crypto markets and identify emerging trends to seize the best trading or investment opportunities.

Keep an eye on volume variations across all markets with our volume scanner.

Track the percentage changes in volumes of each market in real time and identify assets experiencing significant volume increases, potentially signaling growing investor interest.

Optimize your trading strategies by monitoring the relative strength indices (RSI) of all markets with our RSI scanner.

Quickly spot overbought or oversold assets by examining RSI changes on different time scales and leverage this information to make more accurate and profitable trading decisions.

Simple and intuitive tools

No matter your profile, our scanners and alerts work for you


Quick decision-making

Analyze thousands of markets with one click and extract the best opportunities effortlessly.

Our technology captures and analyzes hundreds of thousands of transactions per second, scrutinizing every corner of the market to find the most profitable trades for you.

Drastically boost your earnings by exploiting the cryptocurrency market like never before and join our community of successful traders today.


Live fully, our tools watch over
Discover a new era of cryptocurrency investing with our tailor-made alert and analysis service.

Free yourself from screens and gain precious time with clear information and fast alerts to capture the best opportunities.

Maximize your gains and join our community of thriving investors who enjoy life while our tools watch over their positions in the crypto markets.

Custom analysis

Adapt your display to your preferences, you're at home
Adapt our application to your trading habits for optimal comfort and time-saving when analyzing charts. With an intuitive interface and fully customizable tools, you can personalize your trading experience and focus on the most important aspects of your investment strategies.
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Stable tools,
Reliable data

Our proven tools work non-stop, 24/7, providing you with up-to-date and accurate information to the second at every moment.

Our data comes directly from the largest exchange platform in the world, ensuring perfect accuracy in different time periods up to the minute.

Reliable data

We rely on the most recent and reliable data, collected directly from the largest crypto marketplace in the world, to provide you with an accurate and up-to-date analysis of the markets.

Efficient tools

We collect, store, analyze, and alert ourselves, thus controlling the entire chain from the markets to you.

No potentially failing intermediaries, no slowdowns. You are notified instantly.