The Crypto Scanner

Every second, Cryptoview analyzes the most important Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Far more than a data aggregator...

Cryptoview collects and centralizes huge amounts of real-time data for you on the largest trading platforms of the cryptocurrency market.

Thanks to our exclusive analyzers and comparators, it's easy to define the points of entry and exit of your positions and optimize your investments.

During your trades you will be able to rely on original ideas such as an Order Book including an Exchange comparator, a Time Machine, or a graphic representation of the history of trades.

And that's just the beginning !

Indeed, if Cryptoview today offers you the ability to detect and follow the best opportunities on the market, your tool will constantly improve to move towards an "all in one"..

Many developments are therefore expected without price increase.

Among these, the integration of new marketplaces, trades, alerts and many more surprises!

Quickly find best trade opportunities with
Scan all markets
Analyze opportunities
Study the market environment
Let our scanners filter all markets of your favorite exchange for you.
Pick and study the opportunities with our exclusive analyzers.
Zoom out and check what exchange leads the market, its marketcap evolution...

Have you ever felt:

  • exceeded by this huge amount of variables to surveil?
  • under equipped with the basic tools offered by trading platforms?

Before opening a trade, have you ever wondered:

  • how to know the best price variations on the last 5 minutes?
  • how to find the biggest buy or sales volumes in the order book the last 3 minutes?
  • how to spot the largest volume changes on trades made the last 15 minutes?
  • which markets had an RSI in overbuy or oversell the last 5 minutes?

And Once your trade opened, have you ever wondered:

  • would it be easy to analyze the history of trades with a graph rather than a long unreadable chart that changes every second?
  • would it be interesting to be able to go back in time with an Order Book to analyze its variations?
  • would it be clever to mix the order books of the same market on multiple platforms?

When you set up your trading bot,

  • wouldn't it be good to generate a whitelist / blacklist from fresh market analysis?

SO DO WE ! :)

It is indeed to personally answer all these questions that we have developed a set of tools.
And it's for the benefit of many that we have created