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Intriguing Technology

Our crypto-history begins in 2013, when blockchain was still just a discreet revolution.

Without fully grasping the truly innovative potential of a decentralized blockchain, we tried our hand at mining Litecoin as another string in our digital bow of geeks and developers.

A Vision of the Future

Fascinated by the revolutionary idea of exchanging without trusted third parties thanks to the blockchain, we intensely explored this constantly evolving universe.

From innovative projects to disappointing scams, we saw, lived, stressed, won, lost, but most of all, learned and acquired mountains of information and experience.

It was during this period that we discovered the limitations of existing trading support tools, which inspired us to create something new and better suited to our needs.

A Toolkit

Our initial goal was not to create a product, but simply to build a toolkit to help us track and analyze volatile markets without spending our days glued to our screens.

Developers by trade for many years, we dove into the technical documentation of exchange platforms to collect the data we needed. After overcoming the challenges of collecting and structuring this data, we began developing our own analysis and decision support tools.

A Rocky Start

January 2018, our toolkit transformed into a full professional application and opened its doors.

Despite the attention given to the interface, the seminar audience seemed too technically distant from the provided tools and, to make matters worse, the market began a sharp drop, the start of a very long bear market.

A Phoenix

An essential lesson learned from these many challenges: our tools must be accessible and easy to use. Each of them must be relevant and adapt to users' habits.

Armed with this realization, reopens with ultra-optimized infrastructure, simplified and secure payments, a completely rethought application, and a reworked interface to simplify the lives of investors and traders, beginners as well as experts.

Constant Evolution

We are excited to offer you these new tools suited for all profiles.

We take your feedback into account to constantly improve the platform. Your experiences and ideas could be the origin of new innovative features, so please don't hesitate to share them with us.

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